safety program digitalization with site docs


A Safety Management Program that leaves your safety program paperless and always at your fingertips.
Compatible with all iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

Already have a safety program in place? We can easily convert your current program to be fully digital with SiteDocs! For more information about how we can help you implement Digital Safety Management Systems, please contact us, and read more below about the benefits of a digital safety program!





For a digitalized safety program to be worthwhile, it needs to be efficient, comprehensive, time and cost-effective, easy to access and simple to use. SiteDocs is all this, and more. 

What is a Safety Program?

A safety program is an organized plan used to identify and control hazards, define safety responsibilities and provide procedures that result in the prevention of occupational incidents and injuries. Safety programs provide guidelines that align with industry best practices and can be made specific to your scope of work. Workers are required to be familiar with the safety procedures that need to be followed in their specific department or area.

Why do I need a Safety Program?

Employees in all industries face workplace dangers that can threaten their health and safety. Since hazards are present in all types of industries, it’s important for all companies to provide health and safety training to their workers and to ensure that their training is updated on a regular basis. Safety programs:

  • Reduce workplace accidents and injuries
  • Enhance productivity
  • Boost employee morale
  • Save money (less/no disrupted work schedules, less/no clean-up and repair, no need to hire and train replacement workers, less time spent on accident investigations and claims management)

The Disadvantages of a Paper-Based Safety System:

Safety programs are essential, and they cost money! Handling the mounting demands of due diligence is logistically impossible on paper. Consider the time and cost of a paper-based safety system:

  • Distributing revised forms/manuals/materials to, and from, office and field
  • Wages of employees to accomplish the process
  • Scanning, photocopying, uploading, filing, and storing paper
  • Stationery, printing and office/field expenses
  • Time spent locating documents for internal or external audits

What is SiteDocs?

SiteDocs is a paperless safety management system that allows your company to move your entire safety program from clipboards and filing cabinets to mobile apps on the web. This system significantly eases the burden of both time and cost. It provides speed of form completion, visibility of data, ability to track activity, accuracy of record-keeping and ease of data analysis. Consider the advantages of the SiteDocs system:

Advantages of SiteDocs for Management:

  • Access to entire safety program at your fingertips through a mobile app or on a computer
  • Reports/compliance can be monitored and consulted in real-time by the safety coordinator regardless of the location of the work
  • Forms are automatically sorted by location, form name and worker’s signature
  • Daily safety form reminders helps hold workers accountable for required forms
  • A common level of safety standards can be enforced across all job sites
  • Time-stamped and location-stamped photos provide incontrovertible evidence that a hazard was corrected 
  • All safety activities are available in an electronic form allowing you to get information in real-time
  • Quickly collect sample documents for an audit
  • Makes it easy to track expiring and expired certifications with digital copies of training certificates and the certification feed
  • Frees up supervisors to focus on spending time in the field and ensuring projects progress safely and on time
  • Easily find documents with search feature 
  • Reduces incidences of illegible handwriting, missing documents and time spent searching for documents
  • Enables live updates to policies and procedures
  • Allows the creation of custom forms (FLHA’s, Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Incident Investigations, JSA’s, Near Miss/HID Forms, etc.)
  • Increases the speed and ease of distributing safety documents (company policies, safety manuals, SDS, SWP, SJP etc.)
  • Able to complete internal audits using the COR Audit feature
  • Easy to learn and fast to use

Advantages of SiteDocs in the Field:

  • Access to entire safety program at your fingertips through a mobile app
  • Allows for on the spot employee and location additions
  • Toolbox talks can be selected, discussed by the crew and signed by each worker
  • Workers can log in on phone or tablet to view and complete all safety documentation
  • Voice dictation can be used to fill forms
  • Forms are instantly signed in the app with Date/Time/GPS stamps
  • Never run out of room on a form
  • No lost or damaged forms
  • Find documents easily with search feature 
  • Add photos, comments and annotations for the purposes of clarity/accuracy
  • Allows you to chat directly with workers
  • Able to automatically download and/or email forms
  • Easy to learn and fast to use

SiteDocs digital safety program will help you maintain the highest level of safety possible, making your safety program more efficient, effective and significantly enhanced. You won’t miss your clipboards and filing cabinets!