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Seamless Safety Consulting Without The Stress

Maintaining workplace safety standards might seem like a difficult endeavour, anticipating worst case scenarios and ensuring employees follow regulation. 1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. settles those concerns with a custom safety program as delivered by our team of experienced safety consultants.

COR & SECOR Starter Programs

We help businesses become COR and SECOR certified with our Starter Programs, and then maintain that certification. Eliminate the pressure of wondering if you’re in compliance.

Fully Developed Health & Safety Programs

A robust safety program includes the creation and enforcement of your company’s safety manual, as well as appropriate safety documentation and management for your team.

Monthly Consulting Packages

For your company’s unique, ongoing safety needs, 1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. offers monthly safety consulting packages, giving you reliable access to our consultants.

Digitalize Your Safety Program

We partner with SiteAppPro, a Digital Safety Management Software that leaves your safety program paperless and always at your fingertips. This digital process makes safety compliance easier than ever.

Why Choose 1st Quality Safety

Peace Of Mind

A custom tailored safety program can minimize the probability of workplace incidents, avoid potential fines and penalties and help protect your employees on the worksite. Working with 1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. ensures consistent contentment.

Cost Savings

Working with 1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. is not only more cost-effective than hiring a full-time safety officer; you'll also have access to exclusive discounts with WCB premium rates, and reduce the potential costs of workplace incidents.


Our safety consultants communicate effectively with your company and meet with your team to discuss your program. Our safety programs also increase internal communications regarding standards and procedures.


Save time by getting rid of paperwork and revolutionize employee engagement, which ultimately underpins the success and effectiveness of any health and safety program. 1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. brings this to the table.

What Have Our Clients Said?

Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores
Amazing service, quick response and fast turnaround time. I would differently be working with them again
Dean Downey
Dean Downey
I knew nothing of 1st Quality Safety Consulting when I sent them a message through their website regarding safety consulting services for attaining my SECOR for my recent start-up. Their customer service from the initial discussion all the way to attaining my SECOR was exemplary. They were professional and very quick to respond to any questions or changes I was looking for. They managed the project efficiently and provided updates throughout the process. The quality of the documents they produced were high quality and will serve my company well going forward. I am so happy I decided to choose 1st Quality Safety Consulting. The value they provided for this project was exceptional and I will not hesitate to use them for future services. Dean Downey Resolute Utility Management Inc.
Alexander Farkas
Alexander Farkas
Very efficient and professional service for setting up our complete safety program. Would highly recommend.
Carson Jorgensen
Carson Jorgensen
We have been using 1st Quality Safety for about a year now. very professional but also personable. With no inhouse full time safety personnel required its been hard to find a company that fits our needs and be available when required. 1st Quality with their tiers of monthly service make it easy to choose what fits your company. And when your company evolves and new requirements need to be fulfilled they can change with you. Highly recommend.
Tanner Whidden
Tanner Whidden
Marlys was an absolute pleasure to work with she was hired to do a gap analysis and assist in helping our company get a temporary COR. She went above and beyond to get the work done in a timely professional manner. She even answered some questions once the invoicing was done. I would recommend 1st Quality Safety Consulting to everyone. Thanks Marlys!!
Alan Ewasiuk
Alan Ewasiuk
1st Quality provided excellent services for our small business.
lkh h
lkh h
This small business it’s an amazing company that treats everyone like family. Very highly recommend Marlys and her skilled team!!
Nathan Gill
Nathan Gill
We have been using 1st Quality Safety consulting at our business for almost 1 year now, they are very professional and responsive. We didn't require an in house safety officer, 1st Quality helps us day to day expertise which helps us to identify where we need to improve and best of all they are always easy to contact and get support when incidents arise.

Certified & Insured for Your Safety

Our team stays on top of the industry by achieving and maintaining various certifications and insurance.

Our Partners

1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. coordinates with our reliable partners as part of your safety program.

1st Quality Safety Consulting

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