Why a Safety Consultant?

80% of Companies Do Not Need a Full-Time Safety Officer

With proper training and guidance, the safety program can be managed through the on-site supervisors. With just a phone call away, we offer 24/7 support. Consultant fees are also a business expense, meaning they are tax-deductible.

Peace of Mind For

Eliminate the pressure of wondering if you’re in compliance. By hiring a safety professional, you can be sure that your company is meeting and exceeding industry requirements.

More Safe and Productive Workplace

Cold eyes on your safety program is what you need to spot any flaws that have potential to become serious risk.

Do you need assistance with the creation, implementation and/or monitoring of a health and safety program? Does your health and safety program need customization to meet your company’s specific needs? Interested in digitizing your safety program? You may need the services of a safety consultant.

What is a safety consultant?

A safety consultant is a professional, from outside your company, who provides advice and expertise regarding safety matters. This expert supplies a fresh perspective on your company policies, training, accident prevention program and other safety initiatives. They have expert knowledge about current legislation and the ins and outs of how to proactively manage health and safety systems.

Why your company needs a safety consultant:

  • You’re a small company that does not need and/or cannot afford a full-time safety coordinator
  • Your company needs a competent and knowledgeable person to help you establish health and safety policies and procedures
  • You need help revamping and/or digitizing your health and safety program
  • You wish to establish a proactive safety culture and commitment by everyone at your company while creating a safer workplace for your employees
  • You wish to provide assistance for the employee(s) of your company designated to manage the safety program
  • You wish to demonstrate to your employees that you care about their safety and well-being
  • Your company wishes to prevent or reduce accidents, injuries and lost-time incidents

Eliminate the pressure of wondering if you’re in compliance. Hire 1st Quality Safety Consulting. We’ll make sure that your company is meeting or exceeding industry requirements. We’ll put eyes on your safety program, spotting any flaws that have the potential to become serious risks and helping you proactively address the issues. Contact us for a free consultation.