Safety Training

Safety training is vital for the welfare of workers and is mandated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Training ensures a safe and healthy work environment, reducing the risk for workplace injury, illness or death. It’s paramount that training methods are up to date. 

What is workplace safety training?

Workplace safety training is a program designed to provide workers with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their tasks and procedures in ways that are safe for them and their colleagues. It includes instructions and guidelines to help workers identify, report, and manage hazards and incidents in the workplace. This training provides the knowledge and skills to perform work in a way that is safe for all and is an integral part of the employee onboarding and competency process.

What are the benefits of a good safety training program?

Reduced Illness and Injury

Training regarding hygiene procedures reduces the risk of illness. Instruction in the proper use of equipment reduces the chance of injury. A good safety training program informs workers on the proper use of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats and other PPE or garments designed to keep employees safe from injury. If hazardous chemicals are in use, safety training teaches workers to manage, store and transport chemicals safely. 

Reduced Lost Days of Work

Lost days lower productivity and decrease profits. Good safety training reduces incidents that result in lost workdays.

Increased Employee Awareness

Effective safety training helps employees identify and mitigate hazards in the workplace. Training should be industry-specific, comprehensive and high quality.

Enhanced Communication

Incidents often occur when employees fail to notify their supervisor or colleagues about issues, problems or hazards. Safety training encourages workplace communication by providing workers with a plan clearly defining who needs to be contacted and how if a hazard is identified.

Retained Talent

Investing in safety lets employees know they are valuable and helps in retaining high-performing team members. Good safety training is part of a successful hiring and retention strategy.

Boosted Productivity

Employees who are aware of safety issues tend to be more productive. A good safety training program helps workers learn to handle pressure and ward off stress, resulting in increased productivity.

A Strong Safety Culture

Training increases employee investment and leads to workers taking responsibility for a safe workplace. Employees’ opinions, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs toward safety are increased by a successful training program, enhancing the safety culture.

Guaranteed Compliance

Comprehensive and effective safety training ensures compliance to legal responsibilities regarding workplace safety, providing protection from potential lawsuits and compensation claims.

Cost Savings

Workplace accidents and illness are costly (lawsuits, compensation, lost productivity, direct losses, medical expenses, indirect costs). A good safety training program reduces and/or eliminates these events.


1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. helps you provide the training your employees need through:

  • Online Training Courses
  • Safety Orientations
  • Competency Programs


We’ll find training providers and schedule necessary training for your employees. We track employee training, ensuring it is refreshed before expiring.