Reasons to Set up Digital Safety Management Software

Reasons to Set up Digital Safety Management Software - 1st Quality Safety Consulting - Safety Consulting Services

The workplace is constantly changing, requiring frequent adjustments of health and safety processes. Managing an ever-shifting safety program can seem overwhelming. A digital safety management system eases the burden, allowing your company to focus on the business tasks at hand. What is a safety program? A safety program is an organized, written action plan used […]

When is it Time to Revisit Safety Training?

Revisit Safety Training

Safety training creates a secure and efficient workplace. It reduces workplace injuries, improves productivity and boosts morale. But, how often should safety training be conducted? The following are some tips and recommendations regarding revisiting safety training.  Why do you need to revisit regulations?  Once your employees have received safety training, why is it necessary to […]

Digital Safety Management Saves You Time and Money!

Digital Safety Management

A safety program is a solution to identifying and controlling hazards, defining safety responsibilities and preparing employees for emergencies that result in the prevention of injuries and other incidents. Safety programs provide guidelines that direct procedures. Employees are required to know safety procedures that need to be followed for their specific scope of work. Safety […]

The Importance of Effective Workplace Safety Communication

workplace safety communication

Employee safety needs to be a top priority in all organizations. It’s important that employers have safety policies and procedures in place to create a safe workplace for their employees. But policies are not enough. It takes a concerted effort on the part of management to maintain safety standards and guide and educate workers. Communication […]

Take Caution with Heat Exhaustion!

heat exhaustion

Working when it’s hot puts stress on your body’s cooling system. It can lead to heat-related illness (cramps, rash, heat stroke, heat exhaustion), disability and even death. Precautions can be taken in the workplace to avoid this situation and ensure the safety of employees.   What is heat exhaustion? Heat exhaustion is a condition of […]