Confined Space Entry and Monitor Training (CSEM)

All those responsible for the entry, planning and supervising of confined space activities and all those administering employees and/or monitoring entry into restricted or confined spaces require training.

Training Details

1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. provides confined space entry and monitor training. Course materials, workbooks and writing utensils are provided. Coffee and lunch breaks are scheduled, though trainees must provide their own lunch. Upon completion of the course, students are issued a certificate showing proof of training.

Class duration: 8 hours
Maximum number of participants: 12

What You’ll Learn

This 8-hour entry-level course is designed for individuals responsible for confined space entry and planning and/or supervising employees that work in confined spaces in both general industry and construction. It guides you through all aspects of working in a confined space; from entry and exit to safe work and rescue procedures. 

  • Roles and responsibilities of workers, supervisors, managers, and confined space monitors
  • OHS standards and regulations
  • Code of Practice and requirements for developing a Code of Practice
  • Identification and classification of restricted and confined spaces
  • Identification of hazards (atmospheric, physical, and mechanical)
  • Requirements for working in or around restricted and confined spaces
  • Hazard assessment and control methods/measures
  • Entry planning and permitting
  • Atmospheric testing
  • Signage and tagging
  • Emergency response/non-entry and entry rescue
  • Application exercises focusing on confined space equipment, inspection, gas detection, and atmospheric testing
Confined Space and Entry Monitoring

1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc. meets with your team to discuss and develop your program. Our safety courses are aimed at increasing internal communications regarding standards and procedures.


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