Why your Business Needs a Safety Program

Business Needs a Safety Program

Why your Business Needs a Safety Program

Safety is an important matter for business owners. They invest money to ensure the protection of their business through preventative maintenance programs, hiring qualified team members, etc. It’s also important for companies to be compliant with health and safety regulations and have a safety program in place. Why does your business need a safety program? The following are some reasons it’s imperative that companies develop a well-organized safety program. 

Why do I need a safety program? 

Employees in all industries face workplace dangers that can threaten their health and safety. Since hazards are present in all types of industries, it’s important for all companies to provide health and safety training to their workers and to ensure that their training is updated on a regular basis. Companies develop safety programs:


  • To meet the requirements of the law: No matter where in Canada you operate your business, there are provincial and federal safety requirements. These requirements vary by province. 
  • To reduce workplace accidents and injuries: Implementing a health and safety program reduces accidents, injuries and near misses. It protects workers from danger.
  • To lessen the severity of incidents that do occur: Health and safety regulations include requirements regarding the controlling of hazards. Proper mitigation of risk results in fewer incidents and less severe outcomes when incidents do occur.  
  • To create a safer environment and culture: A well-planned and implemented health and safety program creates a positive safety culture, resulting in a safer environment for workers.
  • To enhance productivity: When workers feel unsafe and/or unsure in the workplace, productivity decreases. When employees feel safe and cared for their productivity increases, improving the overall success of the company. 
  • To boost employee morale: An effective health and safety program shows employees that the company values their wellbeing, creating a feeling of belonging among workers and boosting morale. 
  • To save money: A safer workplace means less/no disruption of work schedules, less/no clean-up and repair, no need to hire and train replacement workers, and less time spent on accident investigations and claims. A good health and safety program saves a company money. 
  • To reduce staff turnover: Effective leadership, demonstrated through the creation of a successful health and safety program, reduces staff turnover. This increases the overall efficiency of a business.
  • To increase staff engagement: A well-developed and implemented health and safety program encourages employees to voice concerns and contribute to the safety of others.
  • To decrease workplace stress: The clear expectations communicated through a competent health and safety program allow workers to feel in control, reducing stress and anxiety. 
  • To show your business cares: Establishing an effective health and safety program demonstrates that your company cares about your employees’ well-being, garnering loyalty from workers and clients. 
  • To build a positive company reputation: Establishing good health and safety policies helps a company build a positive reputation with customers, workers and the community. A favourable reputation boosts sales, retains staff and attracts the best workers.
  • To save the business from legal and insurance costs: A good health and safety program lowers insurance premiums and reduces claims. 

An excellent health and safety program enhances workers’ safety and well-being. It boosts morale and productivity. The creation of a health and safety program helps a company save money and develop a positive reputation while meeting the requirements of the law. 

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