Why Your Business Should Participate in COR

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Why Your Business Should Participate in COR

Alberta’s COR™ program began in 1999 when the government of Alberta, the Workers Compensation Board and Alberta industry representatives joined forces for the purpose of reducing injury and the associated costs by promoting effective health and safety practices. Since then, the majority of companies that have achieved COR™ certification have come from the construction industry but the program is used by many business sectors. This Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA). It’s aimed at creating positive workplace behaviours and practices that lead to improved performance and safety. 


What is COR™?

A Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is awarded to employers who have successfully developed and implemented a health and safety program that meets provincial standards. A Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR™) is the same, but for employers who employ 10 or less individuals. The COR™ certifies that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor. Certificates are issued by Alberta Labour and are co-signed by certifying partners such as the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). The object of the program is to provide employers with effective tools to develop, implement, assess, and promote the improvement of their safety and health management system for the purpose of preventing and/or mitigating incidents/injuries and the associated human and financial costs.


Is COR™ mandatory?

COR™is a voluntary program. Participation in the program enhances your company’s health and safety program with the goal of reducing injuries and claims costs. Your company will also be eligible for financial incentives.

Who is eligible to apply for COR™ certification?

To apply for a COR certificate, your company must operate with more than 10 employees, have a health and safety management system in place, have your health and safety program successfully audited by an external auditor and have the audit reviewed by a certifying partner.  

Who is eligible to apply for SECOR™ certification?

To apply for a SECOR certificate, your company must operate with 10 or less employees, have a health and safety management system in place, pass a successful SECOR Evaluation/Audit by an internal or external auditor.

What industries typically participate in the COR™ program?

Construction, tourism, hospitality, forestry, oil and gas, food processing and manufacturing, farming and ranching, trucking and municipal employers are all currently involved in the COR™ program and have certifying partner organizations in their sectors.

Why should your business participate in COR™?

Though not mandatory, there are a number of compelling reasons for seeking a COR™.

  • To ensure a safe and healthy workplace: The procedure undertaken when acquiring/maintaining a COR™ creates a safer and healthier workforce and work environment. It provides the tools to ensure your employees are properly trained to conduct the tasks that you require, reducing incident rates.
  • To create a positive company image: Possessing a certificate of recognition demonstrates to your workers, your industry peers and the public that you value a workplace that’s safe and secure from injury, illness, and disease.
  • To foster confidence, knowing that your company is accountable for health and safety.
  • To create a competitive advantage: A COR™ reflects your company’s commitment to workplace health and safety, making it easier to hire and keep workers. Clients are more likely to hire you over a company that doesn’t have COR™. This certificate also allows access to markets where certification is mandatory.
  • For financial savings: When your business maintains a safe and healthy workplace (few injuries and shorter claims duration) you receive a discount on your worker’s compensation premiums, resulting in significant savings. 10% industry rate discount on WCB premiums for your first year of having COR™. Up to a 20% refund on your WCB premium rate in the following years determined by your claim cost history. 
  • To improve the efficiency of your operations especially if you plan on expanding your business. Employees that have the knowledge and training to complete their tasks are more efficient resulting in greater productivity. COR™ serves as an ideal platform for engaging employee interaction, and improving staff productivity and efficiency.
  • To create a proactive safety culture: By pursuing a COR™ your company is creating a proactive workplace health and safety culture. Your clients will know that your company is accountable for health and safety.
  • To bring the company together: All employees participate in achieving COR™ status, making certification one of the few goals accomplished by the participation of everyone in the company. It’s an interactive, collective team effort. 
  • For participation in a nationwide network promoting health and safety excellence.
  • For recognition by your industry: COR™ is becoming an expectation in many industries. Achieving a COR™ demonstrates that your health and safety management system is developed, implemented and evaluated on an annual basis through comprehensive internal and external audits. Employers, contractors and tradespeople in your industry will recognize your health and safety standards. 

Should your business participate in COR™? Though not mandatory, there are a number of advantages to achieving COR™ certification. COR™ helps ensure a healthy workplace, creates a positive company image, improves efficiency and gives a company a competitive advantage. It also results in a rate discount on your WCB premiums. Consider COR™ certification for your company. 

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