Encouraging Workers to Report Near Misses

Encouraging Workers to Report Near Misses - 1st Quality Safety Consulting - Featured Image

An office worker trips on the edge of a rug, grabs a table and rights herself. A truck and trailer roll toward a concrete wall but the driver pulls the emergency brake in time to avoid problems. A door swings open narrowly missing an employee. A construction worker drops a hammer from the roof, but […]

First Aid and Emergency Response in the Workplace

First Aid in the Workplace

First aid and emergency response in the workplace can be as simple as providing a bandage and a cold pack or as complex as requiring the use of an AED to treat cardiac arrest. Businesses are legally obligated to ensure their employees receive immediate attention in case of an emergency. All companies need to be […]

Making Sure your Health & Safety Program meets OHS guidelines

Making Sure your Health & Safety Program meets OHS guidelines - 1st Quality safety - Health & Safety Program

A company’s occupational health and safety policy is a statement of principles and general rules that guide action. It has the same importance as the other policies of the organization. Management must ensure that this health and safety policy is carried out and implemented through the establishment of a health and safety program that meets […]

Reasons to Set up Digital Safety Management Software

Reasons to Set up Digital Safety Management Software - 1st Quality Safety Consulting - Safety Consulting Services

The workplace is constantly changing, requiring frequent adjustments of health and safety processes. Managing an ever-shifting safety program can seem overwhelming. A digital safety management system eases the burden, allowing your company to focus on the business tasks at hand. What is a safety program? A safety program is an organized, written action plan used […]

Should your Business have a Full-Time Safety Officer?

Safety Officer

 It’s imperative (legally and financially) for a company to have a health and safety program. Health and safety measures keep staff safe, maintain the reputation of your business, satisfy the requirements of the law, enhance productivity, save money, lower staff turnover, reduce workplace stress and decrease insurance premiums. The question is: Should you develop an […]

Why your Business Needs a Safety Program

Business Needs a Safety Program

Safety is an important matter for business owners. They invest money to ensure the protection of their business through preventative maintenance programs, hiring qualified team members, etc. It’s also important for companies to be compliant with health and safety regulations and have a safety program in place. Why does your business need a safety program? […]

Are Your Workers Competent?

Competent Worker

To be considered competent, one must know what to do and how to do it. Competency, as it relates to work, means you have the knowledge, training and experience needed to complete your work safely and efficiently. A competent worker is familiar with the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act, knows the regulations relating to […]

When is it Time to Revisit Safety Training?

Revisit Safety Training

Safety training creates a secure and efficient workplace. It reduces workplace injuries, improves productivity and boosts morale. But, how often should safety training be conducted? The following are some tips and recommendations regarding revisiting safety training.  Why do you need to revisit regulations?  Once your employees have received safety training, why is it necessary to […]

Tips for Identifying Hazards on the Job Site

Identifying Hazards on the Job Site

Assessing your work environment for health and safety hazards plays an important part in preventing injuries and illnesses. Each workplace has different safety hazards depending on the industry, location and function of the facility. The first step in protecting workers involves accurately identifying potential hazards in your workplace. There are a variety of methods to […]

Tips for Working Safely Around Heavy Equipment

Working Safely Around Heavy Equipment

If you’re a heavy equipment operator and/or you frequently work on construction sites, it’s imperative that you’re informed regarding equipment safety. Though heavy equipment is a necessity, it’s extremely dangerous when not used properly. Workplace injuries impact workers, families, communities and businesses. To ensure you stay productive and maintain an accident-free job site, take note […]