Mental Health and Workplace Safety

Mental Health in Workplace Safety

There’s a growing awareness that the mental health of workers is as critical as physical health and safety. The workplace can contribute to feelings of productivity, satisfaction and well-being or it can be stressful and lead to a rise in mental health problems and/or illness. 35% of all employed Canadians indicate they’re burned out, while […]

Complacency – The Silent Killer

Employers want workers to feel comfortable on the job site. When employees are happy and comfortable, retention is boosted, good team spirit abounds, production increases and employees enjoy good physical and mental health. Is it possible to feel too comfortable? Feeling overly relaxed at work can breed a false sense of security. It allows workers […]

Ground Disturbance

Underground infrastructure is present in cities and rural areas. Careless digging can result in extensive damage to this infrastructure, injuries to workers and financial loss to those involved in the project. To prevent exposure to ground disturbance hazards, become aware of all hazards before and during digging and/or excavation projects. This contributes to a safer […]

How to get Started With a New Health and Safety Program

How to get Started With a New Health and Safety Program - 1st Quality Safety - Safety Training Calgary - Featured Image

In Alberta, employers with 20 or more regularly employed workers must have a health and safety program. Employers with fewer than 20 regularly employed workers are not required to have a program but must have documentation in place that meets the requirements established by OHS legislation.  Are you feeling overwhelmed and/or confused about how to […]

Why Your Business Should Participate in COR

Why Your Business Should Participate in COR - 1st Quality Safety Consulting - Featured Image

Alberta’s COR™ program began in 1999 when the government of Alberta, the Workers Compensation Board and Alberta industry representatives joined forces for the purpose of reducing injury and the associated costs by promoting effective health and safety practices. Since then, the majority of companies that have achieved COR™ certification have come from the construction industry […]

Health and Safety Committees and Representatives

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Health and safety committees and representatives play a vital role in preventing/reducing work-related incidents. Cooperation between employers and employees improves the overall understanding of and adherence to occupational health and safety protocols. When problems and disputes arise, the internal complaint resolution process is undertaken.  What is a health and safety committee? A health and safety […]

Behavioural Safety

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Having well-developed safety policies, systems and procedures are not enough. In order to promote safe behaviour in the workplace and build a positive safety culture, these plans must be put into practice. To meet the legal obligation to protect their employees, customers and members of the public from workplace hazards, a company’s policies must be […]

Should your Business have a Full-Time Safety Officer?

Safety Officer

 It’s imperative (legally and financially) for a company to have a health and safety program. Health and safety measures keep staff safe, maintain the reputation of your business, satisfy the requirements of the law, enhance productivity, save money, lower staff turnover, reduce workplace stress and decrease insurance premiums. The question is: Should you develop an […]

Why your Business Needs a Safety Program

Business Needs a Safety Program

Safety is an important matter for business owners. They invest money to ensure the protection of their business through preventative maintenance programs, hiring qualified team members, etc. It’s also important for companies to be compliant with health and safety regulations and have a safety program in place. Why does your business need a safety program? […]

Are Your Workers Competent?

Competent Worker

To be considered competent, one must know what to do and how to do it. Competency, as it relates to work, means you have the knowledge, training and experience needed to complete your work safely and efficiently. A competent worker is familiar with the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act, knows the regulations relating to […]